The 3 Week Diet – An Honest Review

3 week dietIn a world where fitness, losing weight and healthy living has become such an evasive affair, one wonders whether the numerous diet plans we see being paraded online are any more useful than motivational talks. Not that motivational talks are ineffective as per se, only that a good number of us have a problem with ‘walking the talk’ as soon as the speaker leaves the podium.

And the script doesn’t read any different when it comes to diet plans. A majority of people today who have ever tried losing weight can confess to dropping out of a diet plan after months of little or no progress at all. Is it the same case with The 3 Week Diet program? Let’s find out, shall we?

The product.

In case you haven’t yet heard about the 3 Week Diet; it is a scientifically proven weight loss program crafted particularly for folks trying to lose weight – more specifically, shed 10 to 23 pounds (4,5 to 10 kilos) of fat in under 21 days. At least that’s what the website’s product claims.

Now, this comes at a time when many Internet-based weight loss programs have garnered the reputation of not only being ineffective but also grossly misleading. Nonetheless, does the 3 Week Diet live up to its word?

The author/ developer

As far as their official website goes, this diet plan was developed by one Brian Flatt. He is a sports nutritionist, trainer, and a seasoned wellness coach. Seems like he’s the kind of person who would be best placed in coming up with such a progressive idea.

Further, apparently Brian is also a Biology degree holder from San Diego State University and has over two decades of hands-on experience in the fitness industry. He also owns South California’s REV Fitness Center. Therefore, it’s quite evident that the 3-Week Diet plan didn’t just appear from the blues. It is a product of man’s successful career in helping people stay fit and healthy.

What is and what’s not.

The 3 Week Diet program, as purchased from their website, comprises of three comprehensive and detailed manuals. Each of them covers an important aspect of the diet plan.

1.) The introduction.

Just like any other through-and-through dieting plan, the introduction manual heralds the meat of the program, ushering it in with such detail and accuracy that you would be forgiven for mistaking it for a college proposal. Here, Flatt goes ahead to expound and elucidate on the science behind weight-loss and how the body stores fat periodically. He also included a rare bonus for his audience; by listing one-off all the supplements you might need for the task awaiting ahead.

By keeping the introduction comparatively short and precise, Brian Flaff deliberately demonstrates his professionalism, knowledge and that he took his time to conduct an in-depth research.

2.) The diet manual itself.

Unlike other diet plans that you may happen to stumble on out there, the 3 Week Diet makes use of a personalized approach to help readers/users shed their excessive weight faster. In fact, instead of generalizing the idea behind weight loss, the manual offers a range of options that you could use to build up your own personal diet plan that may or may not necessarily work for someone else. Also included is a list of food that you may want to avoid and those that are recommendable.

3.) The workout manual.

Rarely will you find a diet plan that advocates for regular workout sessions as one of the critical ingredients towards a quick shedding of those extra pounds. The inclusion of a workout manual in the 3 Week Diet Plan only proves that indeed Flaff went out of his way to make the program as much comprehensive as possible. And even though he still maintains that the workout part is optional, it’s evident that he highly recommends it to anyone looking to drop his extra kilos fast.

In this part, the manual highlights an array of home-based and gym workout routines that are not too strenuous yet arduous enough to make you break a sweat or two.
In retrospect, Flaff avoids the cliche of listing ‘spending hours-on-the-treadmill’ as one the recommended workout routines, something that everyone else seems to be preaching about lately. In short, the training sessions listed here would probably take only 20 minutes of your time, every four days in a week.

Besides that, for those looking to sculpture some photogenic abs along the way, included here is a killer abs workout by the name Midsection Workout Miracle, that peels back the curtains behind glistening six packs.

4.) Mindset and motivational manual.

As in any other venture, be it business or academics, success in anything worth pursuing begins in your mindset. Once you envision and single out a goal, an ambition or an objective, then you’re already halfway towards achieving your aspirations. Similarly, Flaff cements the effectiveness of the 3 Week Diet plan by including a stimulating, short piece that skims over the right mindset needed to see through the gruelling 21-day challenge.

All in all, this is arguably the most accurate, fluff-free, precise and concise weight loss plan you can find anywhere today. Once you download it, it’s advisable to go through it meticulously and try to craft a personalized fitness plan that you can stick to religiously.


a.) Super fast turn-around if done the right way. As you long as you follow the instructions to the letter, you can easily shed up to 23 pounds (10 kilos) by the end of the three weeks.

b.) Short, engaging content but detailed enough.

c.) Over 70% of the recommended workouts are home-based and are easy to pull off. You won’t require a ton of expensive gym equipment to pull this off.

d.) Additionally, the author also included excellent short tips for increasing energy levels, reducing cellulite accumulation and improving cholesterol levels.


a.)Most users would have found the guide easier to use if the product was also available in a hard copy version.

b.) Although this may not be important to some, the author failed to include scientific references to back up the information in the guide.

Bottom line: Does it work?

Already, most of you must have been asking themselves this all along and, so, here is the breakdown of it. One, for starters, the manual has a “Doctors Trusted” seal. Although, this doesn’t make it any more or less useful than it is, it still goes lengths to show that certified nutritionists also agree with Flaff’s weight loss program.

Secondly, there are numerous genuine testimonials on their homepage that indeed proves that the 3 Week Diet works unlike hundreds of other digital products available online.

Lastly, ( perhaps this is the biggest indicator), the developers of this guide have a 60-day money back guarantee program that offers a full refund to anyone who fails to lose weight within two months of using their diet plan.


The manual is easily downloadable, equally simple to follow and most importantly; backed up by a refund guarantee in case you don’t find it helpful enough. If anything, this is conceivably one of the easiest ways of stepping up your weight loss game. And besides, you really don’t have much to lose either.



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